About Us


At Harlow & Summer, the sustainability of our planet is at the forefront of all of our decision making. It sits deeply within the very fibre of our make-up. We are eco warriors focused on living gently but darling, let’s do it fashionably…

Founded on the breath-taking shores of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I was inspired by Cape Town’s rich natural beauty. I am an explorer at heart, travelling, admiring and appreciating the world through grateful eyes. I decided to create a curated collection of resort wear that evokes whimsical memories of faraway places, wild and free Summer nights and misty beach mornings whilst at the same time always caring for our precious planet.

Harlow & Summer is created locally in Cape Town with an exotic, toes-in-the-sand spirit that carries your magical holiday memories with you into your every day.

The brand is built on the ethos of environmental consciousness with the core thinking that all fashion businesses should play a committed part in designing the absolute best version of the future.

Using magnificent, natural fabrics and incorporating my love for unique prints, I invite you to join me on my exciting journey as we do our part to make the world a better place, stylishly.

I am proud to introduce you to my circular fashion brand, Harlow & Summer.

Claudine x