My New Journey

My New Journey

I guess 2020 was the year that put life into perspective for all of us and allowed us to sit back, reassess and find out what it is that we really want from our lives.

I have been privileged enough to spend the lasts 20 years working for one of the leading sustainably-led retail businesses in the world which is why sustainability is in my very being. During this time, I travelled the world extensively and developed a variety of products from Christmas chocolate stocking fillers and novelty Easter eggs through to launching a furniture brand at the age of 22.  But now it is my turn to dip my toes into the fashion industry and make a difference doing so.

The clothing and textile industry is the second most damaging industry after the oil industry so whilst it is almost  impossible to create a positive impact clothing business, we believe that it is possible to reduce the amount of negative impact and share the awareness and processes whilst doing so.

Through my travels over the years, I have collected the most beautiful and unique garments which epitomise  the lifestyle that we live here in gorgeous Cape Town. I love a dress that you can throw over your costume after the beach or dress up with a pair of heels for a cocktail with friends. I could never find these locally so have always dreamed of starting a resort wear brand inspired by my travels to Southeast Asia and Australia and above all to do it sustainably and ethically.

I am surrounded by the most inspiring, creative and strong women who have made this journey so much fun and I thank each one of my girl tribe! You have been there for it all from brainstorming names over cocktails through to advising me on what exciting prints we should add to our collection. My daughter Sienna, has helped me from creatively dreaming up a name as well as designing the first dress that she wanted me to sell and of course my family and extended family for being so supportive and excited to see Harlow & Summer come to life.


I am so excited for you to join me on this beautiful journey as we join in a community to make our world a better place.

Claudine x


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